Here you can find my calendar of upcoming events I’ll be attending, teaching, or competing at!


January 23-26: California Balboa Classic (Los Angeles, CA) : competing, social dancing, judging

February 20-23: LaBLove (Philadelphia, PA): teaching

March: Providence Swings (Providence, RI): teaching a month long series on the Dean Collins Shim Sham (Thursdays)

May 29-31: Boston Balboa Workshop: The Balboa Box, teaching with Adam Speen

June 11-13: All Balboa Weekend (Cleveland, OH): teaching with Adam Speen (!), competing,

June 18-23: Thames Valley Balboa Festival (England): teaching with Adam Speen

August 20-23: International Lindy Hop Championships (Washington DC): attending, competing (tentitive)

September3-7: Bal Break (England): teaching with Adam Speen

September 7-14: Balboa Castle Camp (Berlin, Germany): teaching with Adam Speen

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